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Rules & Policies

Integrity and sportsmanship is paramount for those enrolled in Elite Tennis Development. Elite Tennis Development will enforce all rules and regulations consistently, without bias or exemption.

Rules and Regulations
Each student receives Elite Tennis Development guidelines upon enrollment in a full-time program. The rules and regulations outlined in the guidelines are intended to ensure the highest level of respectful, sportsmanship and disciplined behavior. Rules are designed to uphold the level of integrity for which Elite Tennis Development is known.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
Elite Tennis Development is committed to the highest level of competitive and academic excellence. Elite Tennis Development believes that the use of illegal drugs or alcohol is inconsistent with this goal and will not be tolerated. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol has a detrimental impact on student behavior, interferes with academic and athletic performance, and in addition may cause permanent physical and mental harm to the user. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol by students increases the risk of injury to their teammates, their athletic opponents and others with whom they participate in athletic or other events and activities.


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