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Tournament Travel

Our traveling coach services are available for existing Elite Tennis Development players or outside players. Our coaches can accompany individuals or groups to tournaments. Some of the coaches are ATP level former players, so they understand the inside-court game from the physical stand point.

Tournament Travel includes:

1. Match preparation (tactical advice, match preparation plan, opponent scouting)
2. Match analysis (videotaping, charting)
3. Physical analysis (footwork, heart rate intensities during the match)

Our traveling coaches quantify their students training programs by charting and recording / monitoring the heart rate during the tournament / match. This is used to determine the intensity of the practice the student needs to be trained and it gives the coach a very realistic picture of the physical level of his student in stress situations. This is the key in developing a very effective training plan and this prepares them in a very efficient manner for the next tournament.

We will also assess:
- Power and endurance (accuracy of shots hit, player trends over the course of a match)
- Match habits (warm up routines, match nutrition, recovery techniques, and more)

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