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Shadan Moniri – Mother of player

My daughter Yalda has been training since there since February 2012. Based on her tennis results she has been accepted to Villanova University where she will be playing Division I tennis. This would have never happened without her being a part of the tennis program.

As a "tennis mom" I would say they are the best and we were lucky to have them as of our daughter’s tennis team. I have seen tremendous improvement in her game since she has been attending that program.

Their organized practices, enduring hours on the court and physical and mental training all contribute to the success of their players. The passion behind the hard work comes from their heart. One thing that really surprised me is when Doru told me that he will also be willing to help Yalda with her fitness program when she’ll be in Villanova, and all three, Heath, Emily and Doru will always stay in contact with her."

Kris Kumar – Father of player 

The training program offers a highly structured and intricate training system. It utilizes a modernized and comprehensive approach. It addresses the physical, technical, strategic, nutritional and psychological needs of each player.

The intuitive instructors employ a scientific method that achieves formidable results in an extremely efficient manner. The team recognizes that no two players are the same. Each player’s program is individualized for the specific needs of that player.

Their goal is to develop discipline, responsibility and independence. The end result is a consummate tennis player with skills that transcend the tennis court."




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